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Pet Parents Guide

Watching your dog through a camera lens can bring a mix of comfort and curiosity–and it's natural to have questions. Use these resources to help find answers.

Making Sense of What You See

Chasin’ Tails is dedicated to providing context and reassurance, helping to interpret these moments not as points of worry but as steps in your dog's safe, secure and happy visit with us. Open communication is the key to a supportive and enriching partnership.

There are many activities that require more staff support such as feeding and health check cycles as well as outside time where the dogs get more aroused. You may see more than one staff member leave to set these activities in motion. As you watch you will see large groups going to their next activity.

There are multiple access points to our dog occupied areas. This allows us to come and go as quickly and conveniently as possible. There are protocols for both dogs and people that may differ depending on which access point they are using.

During quiet time our staff will set their groups up so calmer dogs can rest or socialize more independently while our focus goes to the more active groups. This allows us to facilitate cleaning and other building functions. Don’t worry, our ears are always paying attention and our staff wear radios to constantly stay in contact if help is needed. We also have a series of internal cameras that allow us to keep an eye on activities when we are off screen.


Build Healthy Communication with the Chasin’ Tails Team

Your Insights Are Valued

All of your observations are critical to fostering a collaborative and trusting environment at Chasin’ Tails. Email the Chasin’ Tails team or have a conversation at pick-up on non-urgent matters.

Mindful Engagement

Cameras offer a reassuring glimpse into your dog's day. Phone calls for non-urgent issues will divert staff attention from their primary role of caring for and engaging with the dogs and other clients.

Urgency is Key

If you perceive something on camera that is truly urgent or deeply concerning, call the Chasin’ Tails team right away 403-293-3261 ex 3. Your dog's safety and well-being are priorities above all else.

Supporting Focused Care at Chasin’ Tails

Our aim is to strike a balance where Chasin’ Tails staff can dedicate their full attention to caring for the dogs, while also being accessible for urgent family inquiries and concerns. This balance is essential for everyone's well-being.

Decode Facility Moments

A play bay looks chaotic at times.

A play bay bustling with energy can sometimes look chaotic from an outside perspective. What might seem chaos is often structured play, where dogs of similar play styles and energy are engaging with each other. Our team is trained to handle higher energy levels and our facility is designed to help them with this.

My dog is not doing what the other dogs are doing.

It's natural to feel a bit anxious when you notice your dog's activities/behavior differ from their peers. Communicating this to us allows us to address any concerns you might have. Keeping in mind some dogs are the life of the party others just want to watch. Together, your Chasin’ Tails team can help you set goals focused on enhancing your dog's development and provide you with updates on their progress when with us. This collaborative approach helps ensure your dog thrives, reinforcing that every dog's journey is unique and valued.

The dogs are relieving themselves indoors.

Seeing the dogs relieve themselves indoors seems weird to us humans, but to them it is all just a day at the park. We don’t want to be working in a dirty facility so rest assured when its spotted by us its cleaned up.

My dog has been sitting alone for too long.

Observing your dog sitting by themselves can stir concern, but rest assured, learning to navigate social situations is part of the experience. Socializing can be unique to each dog just like people. Some are leaders in play or active participants while others enjoy watching and being more selective about engaging in active play situations. Both are normal and help bring a rounded atmosphere.

There are no toys or balls in the play bays?

We do have toys and enrichment activities for dogs in the facility, but you will not see them used in groups of dogs as many dogs have possession issues and it often causes aggression and fights.

I don’t see my dog in training

During the day dogs may be up for rest periods while we facilitate an appropriate play group. Dogs in training have diverse needs that may not be facilitated with each dog. Their safety is our number one priority and learning lasting good play habits. During these rest periods they often enjoy an enrichment snack. Depending on their needs and their program they may be working in another area of the building one on one as well.


Do You Have Concerns About Your Dog’s Needs?


We have a collective 100 years of dog care experience to help you and your dog.

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