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Welcome to the dynamic world of Chasin' Tails Inc., where we're passionate about delivering outstanding services, top-notch products, and exciting events & workshops. We're not just a dog daycare in Calgary; we're your partners in creating memorable moments and ensuring your satisfaction. Explore our offerings, engage in our events, and let us be a part of your journey. It's more than business; it's a bond we cherish.

At Chasin’ Tails we take our experience and education seriously: our management team has over 100 years combined industry experience. As well as having 24/7 recorded facilities, our staff training curriculum has been developed with years of research and collaboration with leading animal professionals and is role-specific. All our staff is provided with Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid Certification as well as seminars on Safe Animal Handling, The Art of Dog Language, Why Dogs React, and Taming the Overprotective Pooch.

We are honoured to have been voted for Top Choice Awards, Herald Readers’ Choice Gold Winner awards, and the Calgary Star Metro Community Choice Awards for our dog daycare and dog boarding facility in Calgary.  


Our Management Team

Mike and Linda_edited_edited.jpg

Micheal Bateman & Linda Barton

Chasin’ Tails Owners

Jeffrey Winer

General Manager / Retail Manager

Nicki Braun

Assistant General Manager, Grooming Manager & 1st Aid Instructor

Jesse Attrill CPDT KA

Boarding/Daycare Manager & Head of Training

Cindy Peacock

Head of Behaviour

Cindy is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP) and has served as Apprentice for the Calgary Humane Society, teaching behaviour classes and working on assessments of incoming animals. She is a Certified Behaviour Consultant Canine (CBCC KA) Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT KA) and has countless hours of first-hand experience working with almost every conceivable behavioural situation. For over 20 years, Cindy has devoted herself to the care, understanding, and development of the human-animal bond. Her philosophy is that when we bring animals into our world we have a responsibility to work with them through training to not only manage that shared world, but to thrive in it. Her goal is to keep dogs in their homes forever, and help their human companions reap the joys and rewards that such relationships bring. Her work started with fostering animals, working with each as an individual to ensure they would have the best possible chance for success in a new home. In 2004 she joined the Calgary Zoo, and spent six years as a keeper/trainer. In 2010, she realized she could make a more direct impact by applying her years of experience and knowledge to working intimately with dogs and their humans, fostering positive and compassionate communication and a fun, meaningful, rewarding relationship.


Our Trainers


Stephanie Schulte


Stephanie passion for helping any animal in need stems back to childhood, she was the one who would find strays and go door to door looking for the owner. Over the years her passion never left but was put to the back of her mind while she focused on being a mom to 5 children. A few having mental health needs and needing a lot of support and understanding. Now that they have tools to help them, Steph was able to focus on her passion again. She started volunteering with Halo Husky Haven, that turned in to a need to learn more about how dogs and human’s psychology are so alike. She started working at Chasin’ tails as a receptionist and shadowing any trainer that was open to teaching her. On her down time, she helps find homes for the Halo dogs, does Photography, and spends her time with her kids and husband. You may see her kids in tow when she is here on her days off working with the Huskies or one of the trainers. Its definitely a family affair.


Jessie Brown


Jesse Attrill CPDT KA

Head of Training

Jesse has always had a deep love and passion for animals. When he was young, he grew up with horses and a variety of dogs, Cats, even a few wolf-dog hybrids. Growing up with so many animals really taught him the importance of understanding body language and how to communicate with them. Jesse started at Chasin’ Tails Dog Daycare Centre in 2012 where he advanced from a canine coach to a highly revered dog trainer by his clients and colleges. It was at Chasin’ Tails where Jesse first discovered his love the dog behaviour, he then became the facilities dog behaviour supervisor. This involves teaching dogs how to manage themselves and behave in the groups. Jesse also teaches workshops to the staff, building relationships with the dogs, safe handling and how effectively communicate with them in groups. Jesse began apprenticing with the different trainers at Chasin’ Tails, where he learned many different tools and techniques for dealing with different temperaments. Jesse has always liked to challenge himself, so its not surprise his favourite dogs to work with are the “hard to handle”. After becoming certified through the council of certified dog trainers and completing his level 4 accredited behavioural certification through the British college of Canine studies, Jesse has become the head trainer at Chasin’ tails. He oversees our Edu-play/Edu-puppy programs, does private lessons, and teaches many different classes like Elementary teen manners and Reactive L.I.F.E class. Lastly if Jesse didn’t have enough going on, he is a valued member of Halo Husky Haven and helps our rescues be successful in their forever homes.


Dj Tost

Class Instructor

Dj has always had a passion for animals that started at a young age. Beginning with summers spent at her grandparents farm, which then lead to doing parades and showing horses across Alberta for four years in her early teens. Knowing she wanted to work in the animal world hands on, she landed her first animal related job at a dog daycare back in 2013. It was at her second facility that she really started to flourish and grow into the dog world. Doing mostly daycare work and dog walking there, she also got to experience the training side of things by shadowing and volunteering for classes in the evenings or any spare time. That’s where she found her passion, helping owners understand their dogs better. That’s what inspired her to apply at Chasin’ Tails, the amazing training department they have and Cindy Peacock as the head of behavior. Dj has been with the Chasin’ Tails team since August 2019. She started out on the daycare side, moved to the health department and has now been on the training side for almost 2 years. She just recently received her CPDT-KA certification, co-teaching and shadowing Jesse when she can, teaching puppy playtimes and now beginning to do her own private sit downs and transfer sessions. Apart from learning what she can from whoever she can, Dj is always taking her dog Leo on new off leash adventures, camping as much as possible in the summer, hiking, roller-skating and archery. Not much keeps her inside when it the sun is out! “There is no greater feeling than knowing you’ve helped a dog and their owner with something they thought was impossible!” -Dj

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