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Premier Puppy Daycare in Calgary: Ensuring a Tail-wagging Good Time for Your Furry Friend

Welcome to Chasin' Tails, your premier destination for exceptional puppy daycare services in Calgary's vibrant city. Nestled in the heart of the community, Chasin' Tails is dedicated to providing a haven for your furry companions, ensuring they receive the love, care, and attention they deserve. With a focus on creating a safe and enriching environment, our comprehensive products and services include daycare, free play, and day school, designed to cater to the unique needs of every puppy.


Our Services


Services Offered:


  • Daycare: Our daycare facility is more than just a place for your puppy to spend the day; it's a home away from home. Supervised by our trained staff, the daycare experience at Chasin' Tails includes structured playtime, comfortable rest areas, and social interactions that cater to the individual needs of each puppy. We aim to provide a positive and stimulating environment where your furry friend can thrive.

  • Free play: At Chasin' Tails, we understand the importance of unstructured play in a puppy's development. Our carefully monitored free-play sessions allow puppies to explore, romp, and engage in activities that promote physical exercise and mental stimulation. Our spacious play areas are designed to encourage natural behaviours, fostering a sense of joy and well-being.

  • Day school: Chasin' Tails Day School is not just about teaching commands; it's about shaping well-rounded, happy puppies. From basic commands to leash manners, our day school sessions focus on building a foundation that will contribute to your puppy's overall development.

Benefits of Puppy Daycare


Here are the benefits of puppy daycare:


  • Socialization: Socialization is a critical component of our daycare philosophy. Positive interactions with other dogs and people contribute to developing well-adjusted and confident adult dogs. Our carefully curated playgroups ensure your puppy learns valuable social skills in a controlled and supervised setting.

  • Physical exercise: Regular physical activity is crucial for a puppy's health and happiness. Our daycare and free play sessions provide the perfect outlet for your puppy to burn off excess energy, promoting physical fitness and mental well-being. Whether it's a game of fetch or a playful romp, our facilities are designed to keep your puppy active and engaged.

  • Reduced separation anxiety: Leaving your puppy alone can lead to separation anxiety. Chasin' Tails addresses this concern by providing a supportive environment where your puppy feels secure and surrounded by canine companionship. Our attentive staff ensures that your puppy receives the attention and care needed to alleviate separation anxiety.

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Answering some of the most asked questions: 


Is My Puppy Too Young for Daycare?

Puppies can start attending daycare once they have completed their initial vaccinations, usually around 12 weeks of age. Our staff closely monitors interactions to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all puppies. 


How Do You Ensure the Safety of the Puppies?

Our top priorities are the safety and well-being of every puppy in our care. Our daycare has secure fencing, and our trained staff monitors it to prevent potential risks. We conduct temperament assessments and carefully introduce puppies to compatible playmates, ensuring a positive and safe environment for everyone. Our commitment to safety extends to maintaining cleanliness and hygiene standards in our facility, creating a healthy and secure space for your puppy.


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Chasin' Tails is not just a daycare; it's a community created for the well-being and happiness of your puppy. We invite you to join us in providing an experience beyond traditional pet care. Choose Chasin' Tails for a tail-wagging good time in Calgary, where your furry friend can learn, play, and grow in a nurturing and loving environment.

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