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Helping Us Help Dogs

Your patronage helps us save dogs’ lives through our rescue Halo Husky Haven.


Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and find permanent homes for Siberian huskies and husky mixes in need, and to create a sanctuary for them in Alberta.

We intend to rescue dogs across Canada and from select areas in the United States where there is an excessive overpopulation husky, especially in southern California.

Huskies are a beautiful but challenging and often misunderstood breed which leads to surrendering & rehoming hundreds of huskies every year. We hope to save many of those dogs and place them in forever loving homes through education and appropriate training.


Ivy’s Story

Ivy came into Halo Husky Haven in July of 2019. This little gal unfortunately has neurological deficits and is the product of irresponsible breeding. She was the sole survivor of her litter because the downstairs neighbors took her in when her sick, infected mother abandoned her and left her to die. The neighbours bottle fed Ivy every few hours and through the night. When they passed their notes on to us, their care was very apparent, as was the fight in Ivy to survive.

We found a private donor that helps financially with her special needs, including physio, water therapy, and her new wheelchair. Ivy is lovingly fostered by a small network of caregivers, including Linda & Mike.


Jordan Story


Jordan, who’s original name was Biscuit, was found in the country of Jordan, where the temperature regularly reaches 45 degrees. He was chained to his metal cage next to an abandoned house, and his ear had been completely eaten by bugs. We brought him into Halo Husky Haven in August of 2019.


This beautiful boy turned out to be an absolute gem. He loves playing with dogs more than anything.
Fun loving and carefree fully describe Jordan.

Past and Present Partners

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