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Worry Free Fun for Dogs and Their People

Free Play doggy daycare is a great social environment for dogs who are easy going and want to have fun. We have multiple large play areas for active dogs to burn off their energy. During a full day of play, your canine pal will release some of his or her pent-up, excess energy in a satisfying, productive way. You’ll notice the difference when you bring your dog home from daycare.


Different than a Dog Park

Our Free Play differs from a dog park in that each group is monitored by one of our skilled Canine Coaches to ensure all play is reciprocated and enjoyed by all canines involved. Smaller play groups can ensure that our shyer friends are not getting overwhelmed, and our excited friends have the right playmate to match their enthusiasm.


Assessment Day

Each canine friend is fully evaluated on their first day or when it has been a long span between visits. This evaluation allows us to find the best play group and accommodations for each dogs’ individual needs. This evaluation will include dog to dog social interactions, handling by staff, and housing for rest breaks. Please allow a minimum of 6 hours on this first very important day.


Our Free Play doggy daycare service is hassle-free for our canine clients and pet parents alike. No appointments are necessary, and our service is here in east-central Calgary for you seven days a week from 5:30 AM until 9:00 PM. Some behaviour and health restrictions apply. Please see below for registration and assessment forms.


Assessment Evaluation Extension

Some dogs need time to settle into a new environment. The assessment extension allows a slow introduction, assistance with appropriate play, confidence, and pacing themselves. This extra support is available for up to 5 days including their initial evaluation. This will help to determine if Free Play is the right program for your pup. If it’s not, that’s okay; we have other program that may suit your pup better. It is important that these extra evaluations happen within a 3-month period to allow learning retention.


*Please note that when an assessment is performed during a boarding stay the extended evaluation will continue their next stay


Assessment Form


Client Waiver


Free Play Pricing

First day is on us for Calgary and surrounding area residents!

Half Day


Less than 5 hours

Full Day


5 hours or more

Multi-Dog Discount: Get a 30% discount on single day rates when you bring an additional dog from the same household!



Prepay for a package and reduce your cost per visit!

We offer doggy daycare packages to make your life easier: use them when and how you want. They don’t need to be used consecutively and don’t expire for three years. We do not require commitments.


5 Day Package


/ day

10 Day Package


/ day

20 Day Package


/ day

40 Day Package


/ day

Multi-Dog Discount: Get a 30% discount on single day rates when you bring an additional dog from the same household!


First Responders Apreciation

“As an act of appreciation, we offer discounts to first responders (law enforcement officers, paramedics, EMT’s, firefighters and military).”

Forms & Regulations

Feeding: A House blend meal can be provided for daycare dogs for $3.00 per feeding per dog, or we can feed a meal you bring from home at no additional cost. Please bag your dog’s food for each meal packaged individually in disposable packaging with your dogs first and last name written on the bag. We do not currently accept containers.


Medication: Our trained staff can administer medication at no charge. This excludes any type of injection. Each medication must be separated from meals and administration information provided at drop off.


Vaccinations: Dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations for Rabies and DHLPP (also known as D4 or DA2P). Puppies must have completed 3 sets of vaccinations (“puppy shots”). The Bordetella vaccine, in addition to lice/mite prevention, is highly recommended for all dogs who come into contact with other dogs. Titres are accepted.

Spaying/Neutering Required: All dogs who regularly partake in our free play program will be continually evaluated up to and after 6 months of age for eligibility in open care. Any new dogs joining our Free Play program after 6 months of age are required to be fixed. (Please call for clarification if you are unsure or have concerns.)

Medical Restrictions: Our goal is always the comfort and wellness of every doggy in our care. Our Staff are all Pet First Aid certified and are trained in several common medical conditions to provide the best care. Not all medical conditions are able to be accommodated if you have any questions, please reach out to one of our helpful Canine experts.


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