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Unlock the Best Behavior with Dog Training in Calgary


Chasin' Tails is your go-to destination for canine companionship and obedience training in Calgary. We are committed to promoting harmonious relationships between pets and their owners. At our east-central Calgary location, we proudly endorse the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior's philosophy against punishment and dominance-based training methods. Your pet's well-being, happiness, and education are our priorities.

Discover the benefits of our dog training in Calgary, including group classes, private consultations, and day school, all conducted by certified trainers. With Chasin' Tails, your furry friend will thrive and become a well-behaved, cherished member of your family. Contact us now.

The Importance of Professional Dog Training Services: Why You Should Invest in a Trainer

Investing in professional dog training in Calgary can transform your pet's life. Chasin' Tails' dog training in Calgary ensures happier, healthier dogs. Through our programs, your canine companion will experience improved obedience, correct behavioral issues, and build a stronger bond with you. Our certified trainers employ evidence-based learning theories, aligning with the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior's guidelines. We aim to make every training session enjoyable and pain-free, fostering trust and positive relationships. Make the right choice with Chasin' Tails and invest in your pet's future. Get in touch with us.

Choosing the Right Dog Training Service: What to Look for in a Trainer

Choosing the right dog training service is crucial for your pet's development. We understand that every dog is unique. When selecting a dog trainer, consider their qualifications, methods, and customer reviews. Chasin' Tails' certified trainers specialize in customized solutions that suit your dog's needs. We are committed to making your pet's learning experience a positive and rewarding journey, ensuring the best outcomes. Make an informed choice with Chasin' Tails and let us guide you towards a well-behaved pet.

Explore Common Behavioral Issues in Dogs and How Professional Training Services Can Help

Dogs may exhibit common behavioral issues like aggression, excessive barking, or separation anxiety. Chasin' Tails' dog training in Calgary is equipped to address and resolve these problems effectively. Our certified trainers employ gentle techniques that encourage a well-balanced and confident canine companion. With our programs, you can witness your dog's transformation from troublesome behaviors to a well-mannered, well-adjusted family member. Don't let behavioral issues persist – choose Chasin' Tails and ensure a harmonious relationship with your beloved pet.

Contact Us for Dog Training in Calgary

Get in touch with Chasin' Tails for expert dog training in Calgary. Our dedicated team is here to answer your questions and assist with scheduling. We're committed to ensuring you and your furry friend have the best experience. Contact Chasin' Tails today for a happier, healthier dog.

Do You Want In-home Dog Training?


Our certified trainers can bring their techniques to you.

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