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EdUPlay Doggie Day School Training

Day School

At Chasin’ Tails, our doggie day school is designed for dog friendly dogs who play well with others but need a little extra guidance to socialize properly before being able to join Free Play or other large situations. The EdUPlay option is staffed with trainers that maintain the low dog-staff ratio of 8 dogs per certified trainer. The daycare/training curriculum was designed by certified trainers, so you can be sure that your dog is playing and learning in the safest and most effective way possible. Click here to see pricing for our EdUPlay programme in east-central Calgary or keep reading to learn about another day school option.


Life School

Life School is a unique program designed and run by our head trainer Jesse Attrill, CPDT KA, ABC CMT. The program is a combination of day school training as well as regular private sessions (for you) with the trainer to keep you up to date on your dogs’ training.


The programme consists of 4 one-on-one training sessions per day with a certified trainer to focus on your dog’s individual needs. These sessions are broken up with rest time to give your dog down time to process everything they practiced in the sessions.


Behaviors we can address:

  • Dog/dog reactivity

  • Dog/human reactivity

  • Leash pulling

  • Over arousal

  • Fear of dogs/humans

  • Prey drive

  • Resource guarding

  • Grooming conditioning


This is a new programme, so please email Jesse to book appointments. See below for rates.


Looking to get something extra out of your Free-Play, Ed.U-Play or private kennel experience? A la carte training options can be added separately, if needed, to work on behaviours specific to your dogs needs.

Foundation skills – Polish up on any skill your dog needs more practice with including loose leash walking, recall, and much more.

Agility and Enrichment – Give your dogs an opportunity to build their confidence and have fun.

Grooming Conditioning Add-on

Is your dog scared of their groomer?

Does he run from the nail trimmers?

Do they think the brush is an ancient torture device?


We can help! Our grooming conditioning programme can help build your dog’s confidence around bath time and even help them learn to enjoy their spa days. This programme will break it all down to manageable steps for your dog. That way we set them up for success when it comes to all the things scary in the grooming room.

Roxy Janosik (5-3-2022).jpg


We offer training packages to make your life easier: use them when and how you want. They don’t need to be used consecutively and don’t expire for three years. We do not require commitments.


Full Day


5 Day Package



10 Day Package



15 Day Package



Life School

5 Day Package


/ day

10 Day Package


/ day

15 Day Package


/ day

Boarding Add On

Grooming Add On


2 Sessions


15min. each


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Does Your Dog Need Training and Playtime?


We have options to entertain and educate your furry friend. 

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