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The Benefits of a Raw Dog Food Diet: What You Need to Know

A dog eats raw food.

If you're like most dog owners, you'd do anything to protect the health of your furry friend. Canadians spend $769 a year on dog food alone, often focusing on healthy and wholesome ingredients. However, there may be a better approach for their well-being: giving them raw dog food.

Raw feeding can be great for your furry friend, with a wealth of benefits you'll love. If you're thinking about cutting commercial food from your dog's diet, here are some advantages that might help sway you.

Stronger Immune System

Processed dog food does contain helpful nutrients, but it's hard to beat the beneficial nutrition of a raw food diet. Nutrient-dense raw foods are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These essential nutrients can help boost your dog's immune system and can even reduce inflammation, helping your furry friend maintain optimal health.

Enhanced Coat and Skin Health

In addition to better overall wellness, feeding dogs raw food can help improve the health of their skin and fur. Raw meat and other foods with natural oils and fatty acids can nourish your pet's coat, giving it a lustrous, healthy shine that enhances regular grooming. They can also hydrate the skin and help address any dryness, irritation, and itchiness.

Fewer Allergic Reactions

No one wants their furry friend to struggle through hives, oral yeast infections, and other sensitivities, but that's exactly what can happen when they eat processed food. Certain pets have allergic reactions to the artificial ingredients and additives in store-bought dog food, and it can diminish their quality of life.

Switching to raw food gives you total control over what goes into their mouths, allowing you to tailor their diet to their specific allergies. This can make your pet more comfortable in the long term.

More Energy

Nutrient-dense dog food is full of everything your pet needs for daily energy. Filling your furry friend's food bowl with high-protein meat, essential fats, and healthy carbs is a great way to support an active, playful lifestyle. Even older pets may get more sustained energy from the right raw foods!

Better Weight Management

If your dog is one of the 50-60% of Canadian pets that are overweight or obese, raw food dieting may be the way to go. These diets contain far fewer carbs and calories than commercial dog food. When you control what your dog eats, it's much easier to ensure a healthy weight, prevent obesity-related health problems down the line, and even lengthen a dog's lifespan.

Enhanced Training

Your dog's favourite raw foods can act as great incentives during their training classes. Even better, because healthier snacks can help improve your pet's energy levels and cognitive function, you might find that you get more out of your training sessions than you do with processed treats!

Give Raw Dog Food a Shot

If you've been on the fence about switching to raw dog food, we hope this post has helped! It's hard to pass up on the benefits of a raw food diet, from better coat health to an immune system boost, so consider working with your vet to change your pet's food source today. Your dog will thank you later.

As you work to take great care of your dog, Chasin' Tails is here to help Calgary pet owners! Check out our wholesome raw food products today.



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