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Choosing The Right Private Dog Trainer: Top 5 Things To Consider

A dog is being trained by a private dog trainer.

It's expected that by 2025, there will be at least 28.5 million pets in Canada. While more Canadians have cats than dogs, man's best friend continues to be a popular choice for pet owners. Dogs have their own triggers, personalities, and inner emotional worlds that they need help regulating.  

A private dog trainer is a great way to teach your dog how to behave and be safe in different situations. It'll give you the tools you need to support and teach your dog along the way. This blog will go over the top five things to think about when picking a dog trainer.  

1. Qualifications 

One of the main dog trainer qualifications you should check is their certifications. Keep in mind that dog training certifications aren't required for someone to pursue that career. 

Possessing one or more certifications shows you that they're serious about their job and education. It also weeds out those who've trained dogs as a side hustle or hobby.  

Certified dog trainers need to stay on top of their education to get recertified. That ensures that the dog trainer is up to date on the latest information in the field.  

2. Methods 

Knowing how a trainer will teach your dog is an important thing to ask about. Some of the questions you can ask them include: 

  • How involved can I be in each training session? 

  • Do you believe that all dogs can be trained? 

  • What's your training philosophy? 

  • How do you enforce and introduce new concepts? 

  • Do you utilize positive reinforcements? 

Let them know what struggles and concerns you have about your dog. Ask for their initial recommendations based on the information you provide.  

3. Customer Reviews 

One of the best places to find dog trainer reviews is by asking friends or family members for recommendations. They'll let you know what their personal experience working with a dog trainer was. You know they'll give you an unbiased account of how they felt about working with them.  

You can head to the internet to look for reviews if you don't have anyone to ask. Keep in mind that most dog training companies put positive reviews on their website. Head to third-party review sites to get a better idea of how satisfied their customers are.  

4. Cost 

Add each dog trainer's prices as you compile a list of potential options. Include what they offer in their cost so you know what you're getting for your money. That'll give you a way to see if a dog trainer is giving you good value for what you're paying.  

5. Dog Breed Specifications 

Many dog trainers specialize in working with certain dog breeds. They might have more experience training dogs of specific sizes and types. Ask them about their familiarity with your dog's breed during your first phone call.  

Hire an Experienced Private Dog Trainer in Calgary 


A private dog trainer can greatly improve your and your dog's lives. Spend more quality time with your furry friends as you both learn to respect and support each other. Finding a facility with extensive dog training experience is key.  

Chasin' Tails is one of Calgary's favourite dog boarding facilities. We offer many services, such as dog grooming, dog training, and doggy daycare services. Contact our office to speak with one of our team members.  



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