Calgary Dog Grooming, Kennel Boarding & Dog Daycare

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Saturdays 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Sundays and holidays 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Chasin' Tails: All Play Time, No Cage Time!

Doggy Daycare

Calgary dogs listen up: Don't tolerate dog daycare centers that park you in a cage all day! Chasin' Tails' canine customers enjoy all the same great facilities in our kennel as our boarding dogs do:

  • Fully contained indoor playground with wading pool & jungle-gym for large/active dogs;
  • Lounging areas with quiet entertainment for less active or smaller dogs; and most important,
  • Constant supervision by dog caregivers trained to handle emergencies!
Chasin' Tails: Zen Salon and Spa

The Pet Groomers Calgary Dogs Beg For!

Here's what dog-park socialites are drooling about: Pet grooming has been taken to a new level at Chasin' Tails Zen Spa & Salon. The difference? Trust. Just as we humans entrust beauty salons with our hair, health, and even our confidences, we want our canine clients to fully relax and rejuvenate! So pet-parents in Calgary, bring your little darlings to the Zen Spa & Salon where you can rely 100% on the skill, expertise, and empathy of our gentle pet groomers!

No appointment needed for Walk-in services!

Calgary dogs and their pet-parents are spreading the word around the local dog parks that Chasin' Tails is THE boarding kennel of choice!

Why? Because we treat your doggie to compassionate, cage-free care at Chasin' Tails! As dog lovers ourselves, we've created a veritable utopia for your pup. Safe, open spaces - relaxing havens and lounges - and best of all, enlightened canine caregivers ON DUTY 24 HOURS A DAY!

Not many Calgary dog kennels can make that claim. Most boarding kennels are cramped, noisy, stressful, and to top it off, they aren't even staffed at night if your pooch needs comforting!

When you're checking out Calgary kennels, consider our pet resort! You'll see the difference when you take a tour of Chasin' Tails.

Our beautiful pet resort features separate areas for smaller dogs. For older or less active dogs there's the Ultra Lounge, complete with plasma fireplaces, lava lamps, and even Disney movies and DogSitter DVDs on a giant movie screen!

For more active dogs, our enormous park-like indoor playground is perfect for burning off energy, complete with a wading pool during the summer months.

We are Calgary's original "cage-free pet resort," and the best place to bring your pooch whether you need long-term dog boarding or just an occasional overnight stay. We offer substantial discounts for multiple-dog households, so bring the whole bunch!

Chill Dawg Frozen Yogurt for Dogs

Contains active pre/probiotics to boost immunity and provide digestive support

Fortified with Omega 3 blend for skin/coat health

Available exclusively at Chasin' Tails Dog Care Center!

We are licensed by the City of Calgary, accredited by the Better Business Bureau, certified in Pet First Aid, and are Certified Canine Specialists.